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Loan insurance

Loan insurance

Loan insurance is a guarantee required by banks to grant a mortgage. This makes it possible to protect the bank against the risk of borrowers defaulting: it assumes the total or partial repayment of the credit in the event of death, disability, incapacity for work or loss of employment of the lender. ‘borrower.

The Lagarde law of September 2010 requires banks to no longer impose borrowers credit insurance contract. Everyone can choose their insurer and thus find loan insurance cheaper and more suitable than that of the bank. With the delegation of insurance, the best profiles such as young borrowers can save up to 20,000 euros on the overall cost of their mortgage!

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Partnership in the field of Real Estate

Partnership in the field of Real Estate

Coocoonhome is a social network dedicated to real estate and housing. It brings together individuals (buyers, sellers, tenants, lessors …) but also real estate professionals or trades related to this sector (agencies, brokers, craftsmen, decorators, diagnoses).

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